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Windows / 02.27.2015

The Value of New Windows

When deciding on new windows for your home, you may wonder what kind of return on investment you’ll be getting for your money. The good news is that windows are about a lot more than just appearance. Newer windows can help improve your home’s value in a few crucial ways:

1) They help save you money

Older windows are expensive because they can let in the cold and can increase your heating bills. According to Energy Star, Energy Star-rated windows can save the typical homeowner up to hundreds of dollars in energy costs per year. In addition, some states (like Oklahoma) and utility companies offer credits for Energy Star-rated windows, which means your new windows could end up paying for themselves in savings within a few years. You will save the most if your windows are older, drafty, or energy inefficient.

2) They add to your rooms

Dim, poorly-lit rooms tend to look smaller and are almost always more uncomfortable. Upgrading to more beautiful windows can instantly add appeal to any room. Adding in larger windows can let in more natural light, making your home look larger and brighter. Newer, larger windows can also make each room more comfortable. Just imagine lounging on a bay window seat on a warm day or watching a sunset from a large new window in your living room.

3) They make your home more comfortable

Your home’s comfort and value are closely linked. After all, you home is not worth much to you if you fantasize about moving out because your home is so uncomfortable. New windows can help. If you have a drafty home that’s hard to heat, new windows can help address some of those issues by reducing the amount of cold air that gets in. In the summer, newer windows can keep hot air out so that you stay cooler.

Newer windows can also let in fresh air so that you can breathe easier at home. If you have older windows with broken sashes or other problems, newer windows can be easier to open and clean, saving you considerable time and frustration as well.

4) They add curb appeal

Newer windows make the exterior of your home look far more appealing and welcoming. A more attractive exterior can be a great bargaining chip if you are selling your home and can make coming home after a long day far more pleasant. Even spending time in the backyard is more enjoyable when your house’s exterior is looking its best.

5) If you’re selling, they can increase the asking price

Buyers want energy efficiency when they buy a home, so having newer Energy Star-rated windows can make your home sell more quickly and for a better price. When buyers see older, outdated windows they may assume that the house hasn’t been taken care of and having to update the windows is a big chore that may not seem worthwhile. Many homebuyers want a house that’s in move-in conditions, and good quality newer windows are a part of that.

6) They can reduce the risk of damage to your home

A surefire way to harm your home’s value is with damage – especially mold or water damage. Replacing walls, carpeting, and flooring because of water damage or mold can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Unfortunately, old and drafty windows can leak and let in moisture or water, potentially wreaking havoc in your home. If the damage occurs to the area between walls, you may not even notice until you have a very expensive fix on your hands.

Older windows can also let in pests such as ants and bees, which can also be harmful for your home if the insects decide to nest in your walls or windows. Newer windows can keep moisture, rain, and other hazards out of your home.

Don’t underestimate the impact that new windows can have on your home. If your windows are older, updating can make a dramatic change in your home’s comfort. Newer windows can also bring peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty. If you are interested in selling, updated windows can be a great selling point that can help you lure buyers and better offers.

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