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  • Window Styles

    Casement Windows

    Casement windows offer lots of ventilation by opening completely from a side hinge.

  • Window Styles

    Double-Hung Windows

    Both the upper and lower part of double-hung windows open vertically, allowing for more ventilation and easy cleaning.

  • Window Styles

    Single-Hung Windows

    Single-hung windows have a lower sash that can be pushed up to open the window.

  • Window Styles

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows open from the bottom outwards. They are hinged on the top.

  • Window Styles

    Sliding Windows

    These windows slide from side to side. In most cases, one part of the window is fixed and the other part can be slid to the side.

  • Window Styles

    Fixed Windows

    Also known as picture windows, these windows do not open at all. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Window Styles

    Bay Windows

    These stunning windows give you a wider view because they combine three angled windows that stick outside your wall.

  • Window Styles

    Bow Windows

    Bowed windows include a selection of curved windows that become part of the wall and extend it outwards. These windows create a stunning view.

  • Window Styles

    Garden Windows

    These unique windows offer lots of sunlight since the feature an outside picture window, a glass top, vented sides, and a bottom shelf.

  • Window Styles

    Tilt & Turn Windows

    These windows can be installed in one of two ways – so that the window swings outward like a casement window or so that the window opens downward with a hinge at the bottom.

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