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Windows Replacement: 0% Interest & NO Payments for 365 Days

Windows replacement depends on the situation you are in or condition of the window but whatever purpose you have, windows replacement involve three steps: window selection, installation, and warranty/service coverage. Here’s an overview of each step:

Window selection:

-After deciding to have your windows replaced, window selection is the first process, and these involves:

  • Contacting a contractor or home improvement personnel
  • Understanding the installation choices you have. You can either decide to hire a contractor or do-it-yourself instead
  • Learning the window types and styles that can apply to your home
  • Taking actual windows measurements
  • Getting a free quote
  • Picking the right windows

Windows installation

-Either it’s a DIY or contractor based, Windows installation involves:

  • Creation of window installation plans and schedule
  • Home preparation for window installation
  • Installers checking the work area to lessen the interruption of the rest of your home
  • Framing the window correctly
  • Checking for air leaks and sealing properly

Windows Service and Warranty

-As you enjoy the perks of your new windows, you should know:

  • How to care for your brand-new Windows
  • Who to reach when issues arise with your new window
  • What warranties do and do not include
  • Know how to correct minor issues and preventive maintenance

Eden Windows & Doors in Tulsa is the Replacement Window and Door Expert. We offer a broad selection of configurations and styles of windows and doors with zero percent interest and enjoy 365 days of no payments for your new windows and doors. We also offer $30 rebates per window replacement for Tulsa homeowners. Contact us today to for more information.


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