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Doors / 10.05.2016

Are Your Windows And Doors Ready for Fall?

The fall season is the perfect time to get your windows and doors ready for the cold winter weather. Unlike summer where you keep the cold air inside your home, this time, it is the warm air that you need to keep inside. The temperature is dropping, and you must make sure that your home is ready for the colder months to come. So, here are some window and door maintenance tips to get your home winter ready.


  1. Inspect the insulation quality of your windows and doors. Inspect your home’s windows and doors; make sure the caulking and weatherstripping are not damaged. If needed, replace or replenish them to prevent heat loss, access to cold air and insects into your home.
  2. Proper installation of weatherstripping. Appropriate use of different types of weatherstripping does not only provide comfort to your home, but it also helps in saving energy during fall and winter season. Proper installation of it should be discussed with a knowledgeable window and door professional to find the best options available for your windows. Door and window frames should all be properly inspected and equipped for the winter season.
  3. Clean your windows and let the sunlight in. Cleaning of windows shouldn’t be only done in the springtime; it is of much importance as it is to clean them before winter. Keeping them clean lets in more light and heat while preventing condensation due to insufficient ventilation.
  4. Mosquito nets. Eliminating the insect-blocking nets for the winter will allow for more light to enter your room at the same time preventing condensation. However, before you store the insect-blocking net for the winter, make sure that they are clean. To clean the net, simply brush lightly while dipped in dish soap water, rinse out and let dry.
  5. Install storm doors. Storm doors provide an additional layer of protection and help moderate air and moisture leakage.

These are a couple of simple steps to help to keep your home warm and heating bills low during the winter. To discuss far more options, you may contact your local window and door specialists or feel free to give Eden Windows and Doors a Call.

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