Windows / 12.28.2016

When Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

How do you know when is it time to replace your windows? If your house is more than a decade old, listen to what it says. Windows and doors are among the loquacious ones with it needs replacement, and when something isn’t right, it shows some signs.

Aside from old windows and doors, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and design is also a factor why you need to replace your home’s window. Thus, to help you determine whether it is time to change your windows or not, here are the signs you should seek.


  1. Opening and shutting them is now difficult.
  2. It refuses to stay open.
  3. It fogs up
  4. It’s drafty
  5. There’s visible cracks or rotting on window frames
  6. It has single pane glass. Double and triple pane glass are now the new window standards. Houses with single pane windows were usually built before 1970, that’s more than three decades, how would you expect it to perform well?
  7. Hard to Clean. Cleaning your windows or doors doesn’t have to be hard, many new window design has easy cleaning features.
  8. Replacement parts of your windows have been discontinued from production.
  9. You have a high electric bill.
  10. Your old window design doesn’t compliment to your new overall house design.
  11. You are just despondent with the way your windows look

If you experience any of the situations above then, it is time to replace your worn-out windows. Upon using energy efficient windows, you’ll be surprised with the savings you got on your electric bill once you replaced your old windows. If you are considering windows or doors replacement, Eden Windows and Doors are here to assist. We offer various types of replacements windows and doors for your home or business.

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