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Windows / 09.07.2016


Updating your windows is an essential project for many homeowners particularly to those who own older homes. Some people will hold onto their inferior windows for a number of reasons such as time and money, but if you are undergoing severe issues with your window structures and are seeing a decrease in energy efficiency, then it’s a clear sign that you need to replace them as soon as you can.

Consider these as clear signs that your windows need replacement.

  • Difficulty in Opening or Closing Your Windows:

Double and single hung windows are prone to have issues with balance. The balance mechanism is what makes it easy to lift and holds the window is the open position. Hence, when the balance fails, the window can no longer remain up when opened and slams shut. In other words, if you can’t properly open or close your window, it’s time to replace them.

  • Your Energy Bill Has Rocketed:

Stop your A/C from working overtime and check your windows. When your home has older windows, chances are they provide no energy efficient value. It is proven that is it more cost-effective to replace the window than trying to improve the energy efficiency with an outdated window. New and energy efficient windows will save you a lot in the long run through lower heating and cooling energy costs. Talk to your local window specialists and allow them to guide you to better energy efficiency.


  • You Feel a Light Wind Inside Your Home Even When Your Windows are Closed:

When a window is worn out, it lets more air in through the torn weatherstripping and thresholds on the frame. If the glass panes become wobbly because of the lack of Glazing or Chaulking, it is creating gaps that allow air to penetrate the window. Sealing and weather stripping can be of temporary fixed but it’s wiser to replace your window because sealant is not permanent, they will quickly expand and contract with temperature change which will lead to gaps again.


  • There’s Fog inside Your Double or Triple-Paned Windows:

Fog between your panels can indicate sealing failure. Allowing the moisture to enter the space between the window panes and as a result, the air condensates on the glass. Therefore, if you notice fog or condensation inside your double or triple-paned windows, you might consider replacing your windows.
When it comes to any window replacement project, Eden Windows and Doors has a wide assortment of standard and custom size windows to meet your needs. Feel Free to Contact Us for Questions.

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