Old windows

Windows / 08.17.2016

Stop your A/C from working overtime and check your windows.

Over time, window seals will slowly leak or broken and when this happen it cuts its energy-saving potential in half. Most old designed double-pane windows consist of two window panes of glass held together with caulking. When the glass expands and contracts due to weather and change in temperature, the seal would often fail, creating moisture in your windows. Signs that your window seal is broken include milky appearance or condensation under the panes.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs),  separate the heat and cold air making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. During winter, IGUs lessen heat transmission through windows and helps keep a consistent temperature in your home. While during the summer season, IGUs decrease heat gain from the outside. As an effect, your home’s air conditioning and heating system would run less, saving you energy and money.

Thus, if your air conditioner has been working overtime lately due to increasing heat in your home then you must check your windows. At Eden Windows and Doors we specialize on high quality made windows and doors. You can rest assured that your windows will be replaced using only Environmental Protection Agency Certified Lead testing, containment, and clean-up procedures.

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