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Windows / 09.08.2014

Steel Windows & Doors: A Big Part of Contemporary Architecture

In the past, doors and windows were mostly made from wood. In a few cases, the very wealthy could afford iron or other metals for their doors or windows to add extra security. Since the 1970s, there have been other material options available to architects. Steel doors and windows are a popular choice, and have lots of options to offer.

Steel windows and doors have become important in contemporary design because they offer a few design advantages:


1) They have clean lines. Steel can create narrow sight lines and crisp lines as well as beautiful detail. You can create doors with ornamental curves and patterns or windows with large, uninterrupted glass. Steel is strong and that means it can be used in a number of interesting ways, from thin lines to thick, rustic pieces.

2) They can offer larger openings. One of the most important features of modern design has to be the focus on open, airy spaces. Take a look at any modern building and you will likely see lots of glass and lots of light. Steel can make that happen by providing the strength to create larger, uninterrupted windows and glazed openings – even with larger wind loads. If you want more light in your home and truly “open” space, steel windows and doors can make it happen.

3) They can offer security. For homes, security is often very important, even if it is not exactly a design issue. Steel doors and windows can offer a higher level of security and can protect homes and businesses from just about anything that can be thrown at them during a break and enter.

4) They can stay out of the way. Some designs don’t call for a focus on windows and doors. Since steel is so strong, it can create large windows and doors without calling attention to itself and by allowing for a very thin frame. Slim profile steel windows and doors can be used by architects and designers to create completely new and unique looks – without having to worry about clunky windows and door frames interrupting the flow of a space.

5) They can create a closer connection with the exterior. Architects and designers understand that a home or building does not exist in a vacuum. Today, many try to create homes that enhance and work with their environment, and that can mean breaking down the strict barriers that exist between “inside” and “outside.” One way to do this is with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. For these types of larger surfaces, steel windows and doors are the obvious choice, since steel is strong enough to engineer these structures. Steel can also be used to create windows that go around corners and cover an entire wall, helping to create a feeling of the “outdoors,” even inside.

6) They work with eco-friendly styles. Modern homes are often about environmentally-friendly materials and designs, and steel windows and doors work with eco-friendly homes nicely. Not only are they made from durable materials that will last for a long time, but they do not come with the sustainability issues that can affect wooden doors and windows. Steel windows and doors can also be very energy-efficient, helping homeowners control their energy use.

7) They work with materials used in contemporary design.  Steel doors and windows look great in urban loft-style homes, in older historic homes, and in contemporary minimalist houses. They look good with brick, wood, and plastics. Highly adaptable, they have great aesthetic appeal and can used to create a variety of looks.


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