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Simple Low Cost Techniques That Promote Energy Savings

No-one wants to spend a fortune on their heating bills, but each year heating costs seem to go up higher and higher. Whether you want to reduce energy costs because you are concerned about the environment or just worried about your budget, there are several window solutions that can help. In many homes, much of the cold air that gets in during the winter may be getting in through windows and doors. Fortunately, there are several things that can be done about that:

1) Replace older windows. Older single-pane windows that permit air-leaks aren’t doing your energy bills any favors. Switching to energy-friendly dual-pane insulating windows that also help with heat gain can have a big impact on your energy use. While it can be an investment initially, replacing your windows can improve your home value and you will generally be able to recoup your investment with energy savings for years to come.

2) Curtains. In the winter months, swap out thinner curtains with thicker fabrics (such as velvet or even wool) that cover the entire window area. Not only does it look cozier, but it can help keep drafts and cold air out.

3) Caulking and weatherstripping. If you aren’t ready to replace your older single-pane windows, you will need to take care of air leaks. Air leaks are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to high energy bills. A trip to the local home hardware store can help you find weatherstripping for your window sash and caulking for both inside and outside your windows. Eliminating all air leaks will help keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer.

4) Honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, work a little like a quilt for your windows. The shades are made of fabric with many folds that make air pockets which provide an extra layer of insulation.

5) Doorway coverings. Curtains don’t just work for windows. Floor-length curtains in rich fabrics such as damask or velvet look dramatic and can also keep out drafts. Pull the curtains across at night to keep out drafts and keep them open during the day for a decorative statement. Doorway curtains can be a good idea if some rooms are colder than others or if you have glass doors that let in cold from one room to another.

6) Window and door snakes.  These long fabric snakes now come in a variety of styles and patterns, so they can look attractive while they keep air leaks out of your home. Put them under doors and at the bottom of windows to keep air out.

7) Window film. Insulating window film doesn’t keep your windows perfectly clear and can affect your ability to enjoy your view. However, it does have an impact on your heating bills and is a good temporary solution for older windows if you cannot replace your windows just yet. You can buy insulating film at most hardware stores and in many cases you can shrink-wrap your windows using the film in just minutes. You will need to remove the window film once warmer weather arrives in order to be able to use your windows normally.

8) Layered curtains and treatments. Why choose between curtains and other options? Consider layering several solutions. Caulk your windows, use window film as well as insulating shades and thick curtains. Several layers means that even less cold air will seep in.

9) Exterior window and door options. Shutters and exterior barn doors may not work with every house but they can also provide a layer of protection against the cold – and against high energy bills.

10) Storm doors and windows. This solution will cost more than just caulking or new curtains but it may have a bigger impact. If you are interested in storm windows and doors, you may wish to compare prices and energy savings for these windows and replacement energy-efficient windows. You may find that newer windows make a smarter long-term investment for you and your home.

Do you need some help and advice about new windows? Are you tired of weatherstripping your windows only to be faced with high energy bills anyway? Contact our team at Eden Windows & Doors for assistance. We have been helping homeowners in the Tulsa area and beyond find window solutions for years and we would be happy to put this expertise to work for you.


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