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Windows / 12.17.2014

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Are your windows trying to tell you something? Windows can affect not only the comfort and safety but also the energy-efficiency for your home. In fact, you may have already noticed a few signs that you need to replace your windows. It may be time to contact a windows professional if:

1) You notice an increase in electrical bills.

Windows can have a big impact on your energy-efficiency. If your windows are single-pane older windows, they probably aren’t keeping out the cold very much. And if your windows have been in place for years, they may have developed gaps along sashes and frames or other problems that let in cold air and drive your energy bills up. Replacing older windows with energy-efficient models can help you keep warm air where it belongs – in your home. If you have an air conditioner, well-insulated windows can also help you get a handle on electricity bills by keeping hot air out in the summer, making your air conditioner work more efficiently.

2) You are having a hard time staying comfortable in your home. 

Are you noticing drafts? Mold? Cold spots? Do you shiver even when the thermostat is turned up? It’s not the plot of a Hollywood horror movie; it’s likely your windows. Over time, windows allow more air infiltration and do not insulate as well. If you have older windows, they are also likely designed without current ideas of energy efficiency in mind, which means they let in more air. Replacing your windows may help save you money and may help keep you cozier.

3) Your windows are showing signs of wear.

Windows don’t last forever, especially if the last homeowners in your home opted for windows that were inexpensive rather than considering quality. Older windows may warp, and their frames can crack or develop mold. Worn windows look unsightly and will eventually lead to higher energy bills since windows that don’t work correctly are not energy-efficient. Worn windows can also impact the curb appeal and the value of your home. Investing in your windows gives you the beautiful home you deserve and if you decide to sell having attractive windows can help you attract buyers and a fair price.

4) Your windows are broken or don’t open or close properly. 

Do you struggle to open and close your older single hung or double hung windows? Do the windows make funny noises on windy days or during storms? Your windows are meant to enhance your home’s comfort; they are not supposed to be something that you think about all the time. Replacing older windows can mean it’s easier to get a breath of fresh air or close your windows when you need to. Replacing windows that are failing can also be an important safety issue, since some older windows may refuse to stay open or may unexpectedly slam shut, which can lead to injuries. Windows that are failing may also make an easier target for burglars, so when windows fail to work correctly, you really need to think of it as a matter of security.

5) You have renovated your home considerably.

Windows dramatically change the appearance of your home. If you have re-done your home, it may be time to re-do your windows, too, to make sure that the windows match the rest of the house and make your home look its best.

6) You want a whole new look for your home. 

If you haven’t yet had any major renovations in your home but have been thinking about a house makeover, consider your windows first. Few things transform your space as much as windows. Larger windows can transform a room by bringing in more light while beautiful, while custom windows can transform both the exterior and exterior of your home.

7) It has been years since your windows have gotten any attention. 

If you haven’t bothered with your windows for years, it may be time to take second look. Windows do need replacing after some time, and if you have been in your home for years there may be small issues that you have not noticed. New windows will make you appreciate your home more and will require less maintenance.

8) You notice condensation between your older triple paned or double paned glass. 

Condensation can indicate that the seal has failed, which likely means that the window is no longer doing its job in insulating your home. Condensation is also unsightly and can prevent you from being able to look out your windows.

Do you think you need your windows replaced or a second opinion? Contact us at Eden Windows & Doors. We specialize in custom, high quality windows and doors. Our professional and friendly team can answer your questions or provide you with an estimate for your window replacement.

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