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Windows / 10.16.2014

Replace or Repair Your Windows

You may be noticing that your windows are drafty, old, or just not looking their best. Now what? You have two main options: repair or replace. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to decide. Would replacing the windows entirely give you better quality for your money?

There are both pros and cons to each choice, and there are several things you will want to take into consideration before you decide:

1) Price

Repairing older windows may seem less expensive than replacing them entirely. However, if your current windows are in really bad shape and require extensive work you may find that the upfront costs of repairs are higher than the cost of replacing the windows entirely.

The really big difference, however, can come down to long-term savings. Older windows may need multiple repairs, which can drive up costs. Replacing your windows, on the other hand, can help you save on energy costs, potentially allowing you to recoup your initial investment in savings on your heating bill. New windows also come with warranties in most cases, so you don’t have to worry about hidden or additional costs for some time after the installation.

2) Age and longevity

Windows that are decades old may simply not be worth saving, especially if there is extensive damage. You may find that replacement is less expensive and can provide you with a higher-quality window. Unless you live in a historic home that is protected by by-laws and cannot change your windows, you may find that newer windows last longer and require less fuss.

Most new windows come with a warranty, which means that if you replace them you will enjoy some peace of mind. With repairs, you may enjoy a warranty on the specific repair work, but if something else goes wrong you will need pay to fix the new problem as well. Older windows may also need to be weatherproofed in the winter, which will add to your costs and can be time-consuming. With newer energy-efficient windows, you can save on energy bills without the hassle of weatherproofing and applying window film.

3) Appearance

If you have older wooden windows, they may have a certain charm. If you are hesitating replacing older windows due to appearance, keep in mind that it is possible to buy wooden windows and even have them customized so that they work perfectly with your home’s style.

On the other hand, if you are ready to update your home’s entire look, new windows are one way to do that. New windows can give your home a dramatically different appearance. If you need more light, you can even change the shape and size of your windows to make your entire home brighter.

4) Environmental impact

New windows may be far more environmentally-friendly than older windows. You can look for eco-friendly windows that help you control heat gain and help you keep out cold air, which can mean that your home uses less energy for years to come. This can not only save you money on your energy bills, but it can be better for the environment to use less fuel.

It is also important to keep in mind indoor air quality. Older, single-pane windows can contribute to mold and mildew problems in the home because they can allow moisture and condensation to form inside. This can affect your family’s respiratory health. Older windows can also allow pests to get into your home, which can also affect your comfort.

5) Your needs

Sometimes, the things you want to accomplish for your home are simply not possible with repair work. If you notice your windows are leaking, for example, but have also been thinking about getting more light into your home, you may find that replacing your windows with larger ones makes the most sense.

If your windows are in need of help, now might be the time to reflect on whether you are truly happy with your windows. If the answer is “no” that leak or draft might be the perfect excuse to really make your windows work for you. Of course, if major changes are needed you may find that replacement is the best choice for you.

Still having a hard time deciding how to make your windows functional and beautiful? Contact Eden Windows & Doors for a professional evaluation of your window options. Our team of experts can show you the budget-friendly and beautiful windows available on the market today.

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