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Natural Lighting with Skylights

Lighting is vital for your home. Not only does it let you see so that you can read, make supper, or relax, it also makes your home look bigger, brighter, and more inviting.

There are plenty of lighting solutions for your home, including light fixtures, lamps, and track lighting. Nothing beats natural light, though. Natural light from the sun can warm your home, make your home feel more comfortable, and is often more flattering than artificial lighting.

Your windows probably let in some natural light during the daytime. Skylights are another way to let in plenty of light and are a perfect solution for those rooms where windows are either impossible or not quite enough. While they are not ideal for bedrooms, since most of us require complete darkness for a restful night sleep, skylights work in virtually every other area of the home.

To install skylights, you simply need some space between structural framework and a space on your ceiling. Skylights can range from small TDDs (tubular daylighting devices) to very large skylights that let you have a clear glimpse of the sky. There are lots of ways that skylights can let natural light into your home:

1) Skylights are a great solution for powder rooms and hallways.

Some rooms don’t get a lot of natural light because they are in the interior of the home, away from walls and windows. A powder room in the back of the house, for example, may not offer the opportunity to install a window. Hallways are often in between rooms and may not have any option for windows. In these situations, skylights can provide natural light overhead.

Skylights in hallways and powder rooms can also make these sometimes small spaces look larger. Placing skylights near the walls or strategically can highlight specific areas of a room, effectively highlighting architectural features.

2) Skylights look great in entryways.

Entryways with lots of light look more inviting. An entryway that includes doors with plenty of glass and a skylight looks especially striking. If you choose not to have glass or windows near your doors for security reasons, skylights can be one way to add natural light to your foyer or entryway.

3) Skylights can create a great atmosphere in dining areas.

Dining rooms are one area where most homeowners want to create a special atmosphere. Dimmer switches can help you create softer mood lighting for dining. However, skylights can also be a great option because they can allow you to literally dine under the stars — even when you eat inside.

4) Skylights can be combined with lighting fixtures.

You don’t have to choose just between artificial light and skylights. You can combine skylights with lighting fixtures to offer a more flexible way of lighting rooms. When the sun goes down, these light fixtures offer lighting. During the day, they allow natural light to shine through.

5) Skylights add natural light your bathrooms.

For privacy, most bathrooms have either small windows, no windows, or windows that have been frosted or covered. This can create the illusion of a much smaller space, especially if the bathroom itself is already not very large. Skylights can add natural light to the bathroom without compromising privacy. Better yet, skylights can provide natural light, the ideal source of light for applying makeup and grooming.

In bathrooms, skylights can be placed over a bathroom mirror or in the center of the room. In some cases, they can even be placed over the bathtub or shower, helping to provide light in these often-dimmer areas.

6) Skylights can be a great source of light in home offices.

If you have a home office, lighting is vital. If you’re spending hours at the computer or working with documents, proper lighting can protect your eyes from fatigue and eyestrain. Unfortunately, most home offices rely on artificial lighting that puts function ahead of attractiveness. Bright overhead lights can help reduce glare and can provide enough light to read by, but they can also be cold and unpleasant.

Natural lighting via skylight can provide a softer, warmer light. Even if you can’t get outside on a sunny day, a skylight in your home office at least allows you a glimpse of the clear sky. Combined with task lights, overhead natural light can also be easier on the eyes.

Are you interested in adding skylights to your home? To find out what options exist and to explore the different types of skylights available, contact Eden Windows & Doors. Let our experts help you understand which solutions would work in your home and help you develop a plan for adding skylights to your rooms.

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