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Do you know how to keep cold air inside your house?

Energy expenses on the air conditioner and heater make up to 50% of utility expenses among US households. Keeping the cold air inside your house saves you a lot of money while doing the opposite wastes you a lot especially during summer. There are many ways to keep that cold air without spoiling your wallet and these are some:

  • Proper Sealing and Insulation. Making sure that your house is properly sealed and insulated will save you money and energy because it will keep the cold of AC inside and the warm air outside. So, no air leaks equals no wastes of energy.
  • Keep your Venetian blinds close or your curtains down. The unwanted heat that comes from the windows can lower the coldness of the room and by keeping your blinds closed or your curtains down you save up to 7% of your electric bill.
  • Reflect the heat. Invest in reflective window film to keep the heat outside if you don’t want to close your windows or your blinds.
  • Let the cold night air in. In some areas, the temperature drops down during at night. So let it in and feel the cold breeze. However, close the window again when the morning heat is up.
  • Stop using incandescent lights. This type of bulbs waste about 90 percent of their energy in the heat they emit, so ditch them up and use CFL or LED bulbs instead.
  • Set your ceiling fan in a counter-clockwise rotation. Recently designed ceiling fans can rotate counter-clockwise and by having it rotate counter-clockwise, fan’s airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect that will provide a cooler wind.
  • Plant a tree. If there’s enough space outside plant a tree on the side of your house. The shade will protect your house from the sun’s heat.


The options I mentioned above can be combined according to your liking and this will provide greater savings on your electric bill and maximizes the cold air kept inside. If you have your own way of keeping the cold air inside your house, share it with us.

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