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Windows / 09.04.2014

Why It’s Important to Replace Your Older Windows

Many of us use our windows each day, but don’t really take a close look at them (unless it’s time to give them a cleaning). It can be a problem, especially if your older windows need replacing and you don’t notice. Even if your windows are functional, there are a few good reasons why you might want to replace them:

  1. To improve comfort in your home. Windows are a major source of heat gain in the summer, bringing sunlight and heat into your home when you are trying to cool off. They can also allow cold air to leak into your home, leaving you shivering during the winter. Newer windows keep the sun and cold out, so that you can better adjust your home’s temperature and stay comfortable.
  2. To save on energy costs. Since older windows can allow in cold air and warm air, they can make your HVAC system work harder, which can mean higher energy costs. Energy-efficient windows allow you to control your energy use by helping ensure that heat or cold air is not escaping outdoors.
  3. To improve curb appeal and the beauty of your home. Older windows can be very unappealing, especially if they are warped, peeling, or out-of-date. Replacement windows can completely transform the look of your home, making it look more appealing instantly. Newer windows can even improve your home’s value if you are thinking about selling. Replacing your windows is also an important step in changing your home’s design. If you want to makeover your space, you can start by choosing different styles, shapes, and sizes of windows to completely transform your house.
  4. To make life a little easier for yourself.  Older windows can require a lot of maintenance. They can be more difficult to clean or can be difficult to open. Newer windows will work correctly and are generally covered by a warranty. Newer designs also generally ensure that windows are easy to clean and work correctly.
  5. To take care of your health. Older windows can be bad news for your health. Thin, older windows can create condensation in your home, which can bring in more moisture to your interiors and even allow mold and mildew to form. Windows that have been in use for years can spring leaks which can also create the risk of dangerous molds, and older wood windows can literally crumble with mold and damp. Molds and mildews can cause allergic reactions or even respiratory ailments. Replacing them can help everyone in your household breathe easier.
  6. To protect your investment. Windows that are in poor repair can mean a disaster in your home. Older windows can allow pests such as insects to enter your home, which can mean expensive and unpleasant infestations of ants, bees, and other insects. A leaking window can flood floors, ceilings, and windows, potentially leaving you with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages to clean up. Even if your windows seem fine right now, older windows can develop leaks or cracks very quickly, so it is best to replace them before they completely fall apart.
  7. To let in light. Dark homes with very little sunlight are very unwelcoming. Worse, small amounts of light can make a space look dingy and smaller. Larger, newer windows can let in more light to create a more welcoming atmosphere. They can also make it easier to light up workspaces, kitchens, and other areas of your home.
  8. To improve security for your family. Older windows can be a security vulnerability. If they do not fit perfectly, they may make it easier for someone to break and enter. Older models may also have vulnerabilities and thin glass that allow a burglar to enter your home. Replacements allow you to upgrade to more secure windows that protect you and your family.

Older windows can look attractive, but they do come with many drawbacks. Is it time for you to replace your windows? For an estimate and advice about your window options, contact us at Eden Windows & Doors.

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