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Get Up To $200 PSO Rebate For Your Windows and Doors Update

What is PSO?

PSO stands for Public Service Company of Oklahoma, it was founded in 1889 by Frederick Insull and supplied electrical power and ice in early days. PSO was incorporated in 1913 in Oklahoma City and expanded its service throughout eastern and southwestern Oklahoma.

Recently, Public Service Company of Oklahoma announces Power Forward, a powerful resource toolkit that includes money and energy saving tools and services. The kit is used to improve home’s energy and efficiency. A creative way to make your home beautiful and energy efficient at the same time using the right windows and doors.

How To Get a PSO Rebate?

Windows are one of the factors that impact the beauty of your home and your energy bill each month. Old windows can let in/out hot and cold air, making your heating and cooling system work overtime. When you switch your old windows into ENERGY STAR® certified windows will not only beautify your home’s look but also help lessen your heating and cooling bills. Moreover, windows with ENERGY STAR® certification have a special coating that prevents UV rays from entering your home.


Thus, if you swap out your old windows with ENERGY STAR® certified products you may qualify for up to $200 PSO incentives. It’s a win-win situation; you don’t only beautify your home’s doors and windows, but you also enjoy big savings on future electric bills and qualify for Public Service Company of Oklahoma incentives. Visit your nearest participating outlet like Eden Windows and Doors to find out more about PSO incentives.

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