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French Doors And American Homes: A Stylish Match

French Doors And American Homes: A Stylish Match

You’ve seen them in homes, in magazines, and in home improvement stores: French doorsThey are light doors that usually come in pairs. Their distinctive feature is that they have panes of glass over most of their length. Sometimes, they are called French windows or glass panel doors.

Are They Really French?

French doors got their name back in the 1600s. France was at war with Italy during the early part of the century, and when the French returned home they brought back some architectural ideas inspired by the Renaissance – including the windowed doors they renamed “French Doors.” The earliest French doors had one large pane of glass. Basically, they were similar to a large window that could open like a door. Most often, these doors were used as entry-points to small balconies and they were a popular way to bring light to homes before the invention of electricity.

Why French Doors Would Look Great in Your Home

You don’t have to parle Français to appreciate the beauty of these doors. French doors are beautiful, practical, and look great in almost any style of home. Just consider some of their advantages: 

  • French doors create some privacy but let in plenty of light. You can add blinds or curtains if you want some privacy, or leave doors uncovered to let in lots of light. If you want the best of both worlds, you can opt for frosted glass or privacy film. Either way, you’ll be making the most of the natural light in your home.  
  • French windows are very versatile. You can buy folding glass pane doors, single doors, sliding doors, or double French doors in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. From wood to aluminum options that are sturdy enough for your patio to highly ornate doors that feature wrought iron and tinted glass, your imagination is your only limit. 
  • French doors can be dramatic. Double French doors that open outwards can let you create sweeping entrances. They can look especially theatrical if they are ornate.
  • French windows are light. They work well in most door frames.
  • Glass pane doors go well with almost any décor. Modern interiors look great with simple white or metallic French doors. Classical décor or upscale homes look elegant with wood doors in rich colors – especially if they feature wrought iron details or etched glass.
  • French doors can create the illusion of a larger, more open space. They can visually expand the space between indoors and out, creating the illusion of more space while keeping out the heat or cold. Between interior rooms, they can create the illusion of more room by letting you see into different rooms – all while creating a visual barrier between spaces.


Where French Doors Work 

French windows look wonderful in almost any area of your home and can be especially a good choice for:

  • Hallways. Do you have a dim hallway but don’t want a skylight? A single French door can let in natural light from windows in another room while still offering privacy or a screen. You can also let light into window-less rooms this way. 
  • Dining rooms. Double French doors offer a dramatic entrance to dining rooms. A panel of glass pane windows can also help you separate a dining room area from the rest of your kitchen. 
  • Living rooms. French doors can create more light in your living room and let you showcase your well-appointed living areas.
  • Large rooms. A wall of French windows can visually help block off larger rooms, helping you create two separate spaces. The doors can open up to one large space when you need it.
  • Patios, decks, and balconies. Glass pane doors make a great separation between outdoor and indoor spaces, since they let you see more of the outdoors while keeping the elements out.

If you’re interested in seeing what French doors can do for you, contact Eden Windows & Doorsfor a quote or for more information about our range of interior and exterior glass pane doors.

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