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Creating Beautiful Spaces with Bay Windows

Bay windows, bow windows, and garden windows are all stunning options for virtually any home. Highly prized for their appearance, bay windows can look classic and traditional or modern and sophisticated.

Whether you make them part of contemporary design, bay windows offer lots of benefits:

  • Bay windows create more space inside your home
  • Bow windows can add to your home’s external and curb appeal
  • Bay windows can create a dramatic window look
  • Bow windows let in lots of light
  • Bay windows allow in lots of air, permitting good ventilation
  • Bow windows offer a nook for reading, relaxing, or just spending time
  • Garden and bow windows let the outside in and give you a whole new perspective on nature

Bay windows are available in wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum, and an array of options. From small bay windows to dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, you can choose just the design you’ve always wanted. You can even customize your bay windows so they jut out more, let in more light, or are uniquely shaped.

Adding New Bay Windows to Your Home

If you don’t currently have bay windows in your home, you may be able to transform a picture window or larger window. However, you will need professional guidance to determine how to install a larger bay window. A simple fix is to install a garden window, a smaller window that juts out with a clear pane of glass on top and clear panes of glass on the sides and along the front.

If you want a large, dramatic bay window, however, there are options. Professionals may be able to build the right supports and to choose the right style for your home.

Bay Windows for Every Room of Your Home

Bay and bow windows look spectacular in just about every area of your home, including:

1) Kitchens.

In the kitchen, a garden window over the sink allows you to look outside while you’re washing the dishes or preparing meals. It also allows lots of lights come into the room and gives you a space where you can grow fresh herbs for your meals.

2) Bedrooms.

In the bedroom, a bay window adds space. If you’ve always wanted a reading nook, a bay window is a natural way to create a cozy area where you can curl up in the evenings.

3) Living rooms.

If you want to dramatic bay window, especially, a living room looking out over a scenic backyard can be a great space for one. Bay windows can create a focal point for the entire room and if your living room faces the street, a bay window may create more curb appeal by enhancing the external appearance of your home.

4) Offices.

In your office, a bay window can be used over top of your desk to let in more light for your workspace and to create a beautiful vista for you to look at while you work.

5) Children’s rooms.

Children love having bay windows where they can relax with a good book or a favorite toy. The area underneath under bay window seats also works great as a place to store toys.

6) Bathrooms.

While bathrooms don’t seem like an obvious place to install bow windows, they can actually be a great option. If you use frosted or privacy glass, bay windows in bathrooms allow you to have more light and to enjoy better ventilation, helping you prevent mold and mildew. If you’ve been wondering how to make your bathroom larger and more welcoming, a bay window can be a gorgeous solution.


Replacing Existing Bay Windows

If you already have bay windows, are you using them to their full extent? If not, there might be a few reasons why you’re not using the space:

1) Your old bay window gets in the way.

This base underneath your bay window is just as important as the bay window itself. The right size of bay window as well as smart design features can help. For example, if you create a padded bench to sit on, you may find yourself gravitating towards the area more. Alternatively, if you use the area immediately under the bay window to create a workspace, you may find the bay window gets more use.

2) Your old bay window is drafty or inconvenient.

If you have an older bay window, it may leak or may drafty. In the summer, energy inefficient windows may let in heat or UV, making it uncomfortable to sit in your favorite reading spot. Newer bay windows are very energy-efficient and can block out the sun’s rays so you enjoy your windows again. Replacing older bay windows also allows you to opt for windows that open easily, allowing you to enjoy more fresh air, which can make the windows a better investment.

3) Your old bay window creates “waste space” in your home. 

The right size bay window works seamlessly with your decor and with your rooms, making it easy to use the space around the bay window efficiently. If you’re not using your current window, speak with a professional and installing a different style or size – you may find your bay window becomes a much better fit for your home and lifestyle.

Do you have old bay windows that could use an upgrade? Or, are you considering adding the timeless beauty of bay windows to your home? Eden Windows & Doors in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a home-based business established in 2005. If you’d like to explore our windows or would like a free estimate and consultation, contact Eden Windows & Doors today.

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