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Windows / 12.17.2014

Choosing A Window & Door Company 

When it’s time to choose a window and door company to transform your home, you’ve got plenty of choices. From independent contractors to family businesses to giant companies offering a range of home renovations, how can you know that you choose the right company for you?

Make no mistake: the window and door company you choose is important. No matter how beautiful the windows and doors you select, they won’t be worth much if they are not installed properly. Choosing the right professionals also ensures that you get high quality windows and doors. When looking for the right professionals, make sure that you ask yourself these questions:

1) Is the company certified and does it have a good reputation with professional organizations?

Does the company have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau? Are they part of professional organizations such as The Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa or are they certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? Certification and membership in professional organizations shows that a company is recognized in its field and meets some basic standards for quality.

2) Does the company have good insurance?

Any contractors working in your home should be fully certified and insured. You want to make sure that any work completed will be done to code and that any injuries or damages that may occur will be covered.

3) What do past customers have to say?

A good door and window company should have past customers who are happy with the work completed. A good company will also be willing and pleased to offer testimonials from past customers because there are clients willing to vouch for the company.

4) Has the company been in business for a while?

All companies have to start somewhere, but beware of the brand-new company. A company that has been around for at least a few years has the real-life expertise to handle a variety of renovations and window replacements.

5) How transparent is the company?

Does the company offer a transparent estimate, outlining exactly what you will pay so that there are no surprises? Does the company outline what is possible with your renovation and how long each job will take? Does the company explain services and warranties clearly, in a language you understand? Communication and honesty are important with any renovation service, and windows and doors are no different.

6) What impression does the company give on the phone or in person?

You may need to work with the company for weeks or even longer for a larger custom job. You want to make sure that all team members are professional and polite. Customer service is important and you want to work with contractors who will treat you with the courtesy you deserve.

7) What does the company’s work look like?

Take a look at other homes the company has worked on. What do the windows and doors on those homes look like? Do they match the exterior of the home? Would you be happy with similar aesthetics in your own home?

8) What services does the company offer?

If you want custom made windows and doors, you will obviously want a company that offers those services. If you have an older home, you may want to look for a company that has experience with wooden windows that will fit in nicely with the style of your home. Make sure that the company offers you the windows, doors, and services you need.

9) What types of prices and quality does the company offer?

Many homeowners are tempted to simply choose the least expensive option, but that can end up being more costly in the long run if a company scrimps on quality or workmanship. While you will want a company that works with your budget, you will also want windows and doors that bring beauty to your house, insulate your home, and offer years of hassle-free use. A good company can balance quality with your budget to meet your needs.

Do you need a company that meets all of these requirements? Eden Windows & Doors has been helping homeowners since 2005 and we are proud members of The Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa and the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today to find out more about our custom windows and doors, our commitment to customer service, and our EPA certification.

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