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Windows / 04.20.2017

Get These 5 Benefits When You Replace Your Old Windows

Are you thinking about replacing your windows?

Here are 5 great benefits that you can enjoy with your new windows:

1. Comfort – New windows can reduce your energy usage and utility bill, but the real benefit to you is the added comfort. Drafty windows are often times the cause of uncomfortable areas in your home. An experienced window company will properly install your windows to eliminate drafts and hot spots caused by your old windows. New windows can help make your home more comfortable and save money on energy costs.

2. Safety & Security – Windows that are painted shut or are very difficult to open may be a safety hazard if you need to get our of your house quickly, for example, if there were a fire. Old windows that will not stay closed or have broken locks can provide an opportunity for break-ins. New windows are easier to open and close and have an extra safety feature that prevents easy access to your home. New windows can help make your home more safe and secure.

3. More Peace and Quiet – New windows cannot reduce noise on the inside of your house, but they can help you keep the outside from disturbing you. New windows excel at reducing the number of outside sounds and road noise that you can hear inside of your home. If your home is near a busy road, new windows could make a big impact in making your home quieter. New windows can help increase the amount of peace and quiet in your home.

4.  A Better, Brighter View – Some windows have very wide frames that limit the view outside of your house and reduces the amount of light that can come inside. We have a wide selection of windows with thinner frames that provide better outside visibility and allow more light into your house. New windows can give you better views and more light.

5. Curb Appeal – Windows make up a large percentage of your home’s exterior. Old windows or poorly installed windows can negatively impact the look and value of your home. We can help you choose windows that fit your style and dramatically improve the look of your home. New windows will increase your curb appeal and can add to the value of your home.

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